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Discover Pavarotti and Ferrari land

A day tours to visit Ferrari Museums, House-Museum Pavarotti, Modena City Center, Giusti Balsamic Vinegar, Giacobazzi Winery & Museum, Cleto Chiarli Winery and Villani MuSa – Charcuterie Museum.

For more information visit www.ferraripavarottiland.it 

Discovering our Balsamic Vinegar

The ‘Black Gold’ of Cascina La Buca. A passion born 37 years ago and handed down from generation to generation.

You can visit our private vinegar factory, in La Buca Borgo, discover its secrets and finish with a guided tasting.

The Ancient Villages in “Lands of Castles”

Discovering ancient medieval villages around Cascina La Buca area.

A few minutes’ drive from Cascina la Buca, the charm of many ancient medieval villages awaits you. Come and discover them!

Some of the most interesting historic villages that we would like to recommend are the Borgo Antico of Castello di Serravalle (2 km), the Abbey-Fortress of Monteveglio (founded in the 5th century A.D. and renovated in the year 1000 by Matilda of Canossa – 5 km), the Fortress of Vignola, the Castle of Bazzano and many other period buildings and villages in the area.

Terre di Castelli is waiting for you, between the plains and the Apennines.

For more info visit www.unione.terredicastelli.mo.it

The parks and hills between Bologna and Modena

The entire hilly stretch of the parks between Bologna and Modena is crossed by a dense network of CAI paths, to be covered by mountain bikes or on foot, the green hills between Bologna and Modena, dominated by the cultivation of vines and interspersed with rugged gullies, offer unique landscape views to the visitor.

Frignano Regional Park

Rocks of Roccamalatina Regional Park

Monteveglio Abbey Regional Park

CAI routes between the hills of Bologna and Modena (trekking and mountain bike routes)


Helpful link:

CAI trails  www.caibo.itwww.cai.mo.it

E-bike and bike rent mecbike.it www.centropercentro.it

Parks www.parchiemiliacentrale.it

Food and Wine Tours

Visits and guided tours to wine cellars, vinegar cellars, delicatessens, cheese factories and farms.

For lovers of good wine and good food, it is possible to visit the area’s numerous wineries, renowned cheese factories and charcuterie factories, where it is possible to taste typical products of our area such as Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto Crudo and Culatello di Parma and much more.

Upon request, we organise personalised food and wine tours for our guests, to discover our territory and its excellences. For further information send an e-mail to info@cascinlabuca.com

We advise you to follow us on our social channels Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on the rich calendar of events taking place in the area, from May to November.